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Flickr Save Sets

What is Flickr Save Sets ?

  • Flickr Save Sets is a website that allows you to download your flickr set photos in a single zip file.
  • Flickr Save Sets is not affiliated with or endorsed by flickr but it has been granted permission by flickr to interact with flickr photos.

What information does Flickr Save Sets store about me and my flickr account ?

  • When you sign into Flickr Save Sets a database containing a list of the website addresses of your primary set photos is created as well as a database containing a list of the website addresses of the photos belonging to the currently selected set. This is used purely to reduce the number of times Flickr Save Sets has to ask Flickr for the same information and so speed up the selection and download process. The databases are re-built each time you sign in to ensure any changes to your photostream since your last visit are available.
  • Flickr Save Sets maintains logs to help with bug-fixing and to help to protect the site against illegal access.
  • Flickr Save Sets keeps all of the zip files that you have downloaded so that they are available to the people you shared them with. After a reasonable period of time has lasped, Flickr Save Sets will delete these files to ensure there is enough diskspace available for new sets to be downloaded.
  • Flickr Save Sets does not store nor have access to your flickr password which is why you need to authorise the Flickr Save Sets website with flickr whenever you sign into the webite.

Why do I have to authorise Flickr Save Sets each time I use it and what actually does authorising mean ?

  • Before Flickr Save Sets can provide you with access to your flickr photos you need to tell flickr that you are ok with this.
  • Flickr Save Sets cannot function without this permission. It effectively signs you into the Flickr Save Sets website (though, in fact, it is flickr that is asking for your sign in details).
  • It is possible for this to be a one-off thing but it would mean that anyone using Flickr Save Sets would have to register and login with Flickr Save Sets - effectively the same thing ie providing a username and password; but it would mean remembering another username/password and the associated headaches of confusing them with your flickr login details/forgetting them etc.

How much does it cost ?

  • There is no charge for using Flickr Save Sets.

Are there any limitations ?

  • The size of the photos downloaded is fixed at 640 pixels on the longest side. This is to allow as many photos as possible to be downloaded in a single zip file - larger sizes would mean fewer photos could be downloaded. A future release will provide more flexibility when it comes to choosing the size of photos.
  • Presently, only the first 500 sets and the first 500 photos in a set are displayed and, therefore, are able to be downloaded. A future release will provide support for viewing all sets and photos in a set (but not downloading them - see below).
  • The reason for such a restriction relates to the primary purpose of the Flickr Save Sets website which is to allow flickr users to download a modest selection of their photos for their own use and/or to share with others.
  • Providing an unlimited download facility is, therefore, unnecessary and would have an impact on the site's performance and on the size of the zip file to be downloaded to the your computer.
  • Flickr Save Sets is not a bulk photo downloader. There are other websites/applications better suited to downloading large numbers of photos.

Selecting Photos

How do I select an individual photo to download ?

  • Left-clicking on a photo thumbnail will add it to the current selection if it is not already selected. If it is, the photo will be deselected.
  • You can also select/deselect a photo in the preview window by again left-clicking.

How do I select all visible photos ?

  • To select all photos currently displayed you can click the 'All' button in the selection menu (above the photo area).

How do I deselect all visible photos ?

  • To deselect all photos currently visible you can click the 'None' button in the selection menu (above the photo area).

How do I change the selection of visible photos ?

  • To deselect all currently selected photos and to select those photos not currently selected you can click the 'Toggle' button in the selection menu (above the photo area).

Previewing Photos

How do I see a larger version of the photo thumbnails ?

  • Right-click on a photo thumbnail and the preview window will open. This will display a larger version of the photo you just clicked.

Can I see larger versions of all visible photos using the preview window ?

  • Yes. The preview window has navigation buttons that allow you to view the visible photos in the photo area.

I've decided I want to add/remove a photo from the current selection using the preview window - is this possible ?

  • Yes. Selecting a photo in the preview window is the same as selecting a photo in the photo area. All photos selected using the preview window will be downloaded when the 'Download' button is clicked.

What do the other buttons do ?

  • The option buttons are designed to speed up the selection process. Instead of clicking a photo in the preview window and then clicking the next arrow you can get Flickr Save Sets to do that for you by selecting the 'show next' option.
  • There are also options to view the previous photo and to close the preview window after you have selected/deselected the current photo.

Filtering Photos

I only want photos to be displayed with a specific title, description or tag - is this possible ?

  • Yes. You can filter photos using the 'Filter' box - type in a title, description or tag and click the 'Filter' button. Only those photos with the title, description or tag you entered will be displayed.

A 'No photos to display' message was shown in the photo area after I clicked the 'Filter' button - how do I re-display my set photos ?

  • Clicking the 'Reset' button will show all of the photos for the currently selected set and deselect all photos.

Downloading and Emailing Photos

I have selected my photos - what do I do next ?

  • Click the 'Download' button. A progress window should pop up telling you how many photos will be downloaded and that it is estimating the time to completion.

How long does it take to download the photos ?

  • This will depend on the number of photos you selected and how big they are. Other factors that will affect the time to completion include the number of currently active Flickr Save Sets users and how busy the flickr website is.
  • Time to completion should be reduced if you have already downloaded some of the photos in the current selection as these will be in the Flickr Save Sets web server cache.

Can I cancel the download once it has started ?

  • Yes. click the 'Cancel' button and the download will stop.

How big will the zip file be ?

  • This will vary according to the number and size of the photos you selected.

The time to completion is now longer than its first estimate - is this right ?

  • The time to completion is based upon how long the already downloaded photos took to fetch from the flickr server.
  • Photos are downloaded in batches of 20 so it could be that the first 20 were quick to download but the next 20 took much longer. In this case you could see the time to completion increase from the initial estimate.

The download is complete - where are my photos ?

  • You should see the 'Share and Save' window once the download has finished. It contains 2 buttons - 1 to email a link to the zip file containing the photos you have just downloaded and another button to allow you to save the zip file to your computer.

Can I email the link to more than one person ?

  • Yes. Type your email addresses into the address box, ensuring you separate each one with a comma. So long as there are no typos each person in the list will receive an email with a link to the zip file containing the photos you have just downloaded.